Friday, March 24, 2017

Free Traffic and Sales on eBay - Partnership with non-Profits like American Cancer Society

eBay selling for charity puts small business with the
big names in the nonprofit world such as American Cancer Society
Sales slowing on eBay? Want to get more traffic and sales on eBay? Why not partner with the American Cancer Society? This partnership comes with eBay selling, won't cost you a dime. Partner with a nonprofit and earn money? Zero budget marketing indeed. Read more ...

Setting it up is easy. Follow instructions below.

Don't forget to social share with creativity. Check out our experiments below. This is a crucial step to generate real free e-Commerce traffic to your eBay store. The humor and relevancy gives you the sales.

Our first tweet uses the paradox between fighting cancer (positive) and drinking cocktail (negative - health). Paradox and humor in tweets are like mint for the brain, refreshing and memorable, hence effective.

Our second tweet uses trendy and humorous concepts: Snap and the selfie social trend (think recent SnapChat IPO)  and the poop pillow pair with an unusual FIGHT CANCER message.

If there's one takeaway of this article:
humor wins on the internet.
Cats too. 

The minimum donation is 10%. You can choose individual products to participate.

Set up eBay for charity
Check back in a week for our experiment results.

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