Thursday, April 27, 2017

Brilliant Advertising Ideas

  • Netflix House of Arts did a brilliant marketing stunt in 2016 Presidential Election. They built a fictional website for Frank Underwood's presidential bid. This public stunt took off during one of the GOP debates and perhaps took some precious views from the actual debate. This viral marketing campaign, growth hacking technical even won a Webby.

  • GoPro camera, better known for its extreme sports footage from fans, created this advertisement Firefighter Saves Kitten with strong emotional appeal
  • The Salvation Army's creative use of Facebook 360 camera to show the poverty hiding behind a seemingly mundane holiday photo [creative, social media, Facebook camera, poverty, nonprofit]
Salvation Army - Facebook 360 Video from Grey Canada on Vimeo.

  • Humans of New York Photographs of locals with a short quote. Initially used for raising awareness and fundraising [nonprofit, photography, fundraising, donation]
  • Betterment stock investing game for enticing its potential customers. Can you beat a strategy

  • DramaFever newsletter clickbait [celebrity, newsletter, pop, musician, movie, entertainment example]

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