Wednesday, July 4, 2018

100 Amazing Free Tools for e-Commerce Small Business Owners

Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

Make a discount offer to a customer who has already expressed interest! Shopify offers this feature free of charge. 

Startup Name Generator

Dreaming of the becoming the next featured hotshot on Product Hunt? Generate a random idea and a company name with startup name generators. It's also a great to generate cheaper alternative of your current domain name or business idea.

Social sharing made easy. Buffer can schedule and share posts to multiple channels including twitter, pinterest, google plus and facebook.

Custom Domain

Custom domain allows you to white label your website, your brand. Instead of you can have Many e-Commerce platform now offers hosted custom domain services with a premium fee or subscription

Kit CRM or simple Kit

Shopify platform's chatbot and seller's assistant. It can post to Facebook, start instagram and Facebook ads! Even do some basic report. Free with Shopify subscriptions. 


Sales channel, pinterest-like interface, all products are shoppable and sharable. Works well with Shopify Sales Channels. 

Google Webmaster Tool

Official Google tool for domain owners

Google Trend

Official Google search engine insights: see what people are searching.

Google Shopping API and Google Shopping Advertising
Shopify offers free integration with Google Shopping API

Moz Tool

Professional tool to check Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Page Rank. Also check out Moz Open Site Explorer

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Use Google's official tool to plan out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Adwords campaign.  


Programmable phone number, voicemail, voice routing and call center on the go.


Programmable support website, email funnel and also FAQ page. 


Delete and remove harmful tweets. Remove users that don't follow you. Might trigger a twitter API usage red flag. Warning!


Used clothing and accessories like Fitbit bracelet? Demo clothing for sale? Use Poshmark for used fashion items.

eBay Shopping API


Other paid tools: Amazon referral, advertisements, useful chrome extensions

FierceRetail Newsletter and Shopify Newsletter

Feeling lonely and stuck as a solepreneur? Join the FierceRetail newsletter and learn what the top guys are doing. Frequent news update including supreme court rulings, amazon, macy's and more. 

Shopify has newsletter that teaches you how to start online businesses like subscription box, a t-shirt company and an enamel pin business.

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