Thursday, July 5, 2018

Elements of a Landing Page - Web Development Basics

Must-have, all-time-favorite tool of event managers, event planners, startup companies, entrepreneurs, kickstarter products : landing pages. Basic elements, best practices.

Hero Image

An eye-catching, relevant image, that is not a stock image, and is the most representative of this event or product.


Landing Pages have a focus and a purpose. For example, a landing page for a specific product, or a product category. Landing Pages are not wikipedia pages - encompassing, they are specialized. 

Theme Color, Style Book

Work with your design time or use an existing framework such as Material Designs by Google or style book.

Use a pre-build template such as WordPress theme template. 

Dynamic Web Pages with JavaScript

Sprinkle clickable, hover action, focus action as needed, only if they contribute to better UX.

Hosted Backend

It takes the security and database setup out of your dev routing. You can use splashthat event pages or Shopify e-Commerce backend. To have a custom backend you can use WordPress hosting. 


Every landing page should have an obvious call to action. That's the whole point of a landing page. 

Exit Actions : Popup Offers

Landing pages naturally have high bounce rates. Offering a popup offer aka exit offer such as 20% off, first-timer discount may effectively stop exits.

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