Friday, March 24, 2017

Sell your product on Pinterest and Facebook - Prohibited Words

"There's a word in your product title that isn't allowed by Pinterest."
Shopify Pinterest Sales Channel troubleshoot example:
S'well Bottle Sparkling Champagne 17oz
Did you know that certain words are prohibited on Pinterest and Facebook? When you list your products through a platform such as Shopify on Pinterest and Facebook, you may encounter problems. Take a look at the screenshot above. Can you guess what keywords triggered the red flag?

Yes, "champagne". Though the product is indeed called S'well Bottle Sparkling Champagne. It is not allowed as the no alcohol policy applies.

Weapons and other sensitive words are also not allowed. Profanity is not allowed. For example, there's a black and white designer notebook from Japan that is the shape of a dagger. That's not allowed on Facebook and Pinterest market space.

Why? Social networks want to create a family friendly environment. The family friendly policy on Facebook is lengthy. A simple way to explain it: when Disney starts to display first person shooting game content, parents will turn against the channel and brand and forbid their kids to watch the magic of Disney. That's a loss for Disney as kids are its key customers. Social media wants young social influencers under the age of 21 as well as 21 and older. Under 21 is a key audience for Facebook (that's why SnapChat is so hot). So no alcohol, no weapons no sensitive issues.

Did you know that alcohol related banners on Facebook is allowed if the filter is set to 21 and above for United States and 18 for other countries.

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