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About Me

Meet Dilys your guide to zero budget marketing. Get from zero to one with no budget. Kickstart your no BS zero budget marketing now! This website will be the ultimate guide to growth hacking for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups!

TL;DR Dilys is a social media growth hacker. Dilys' background is the intercept of business, technology, and startup. She has experience working with giant corporations and top YCombinator startups. She contributed to USATODAY, Fast Company, VentureBeat, Crunchies by TechCrunch and was invited to Google social media studies, tech conferences. She ran campaigns to kickstart e-Commerce stores: Chinese Alibaba Taobao 0 to Level 6, eBay 0 to PowerSeller, Shopify 0 to Shopify & Uber partner. She recently took an experimental Youtube partner channel from 0 to 400,000 minutes watched, 0 to 300,000 views, 0 to 900 subscribers in just one month (February 2017 the shortest month too!).

What makes me a special growth hacker? I don't just advertise, I code, hacked and actually took multiple stores, youtube channel, and contents from zero to one.

  • Education: Stanford Economics, full stack coding, machine learning, digital marketing
  • My interviews are featured on: USA Today, Fast Company, VentureBeat, Women 2.0, and the Crunchies by TechCrunch (viral event)
  • e-Commerce
    • eBay PowerSeller, top rated plus sellers 3 years
      • eBay Buyers Love Us Certificate of Achievements
      • Would be notified of any special seller events
      • Invited to seller conference 2 times
      • Thousands of transactions, hundreds of positive reviews, 0 negative reviews in the past 12 months. Fewer than 3 lifetime negative reviews out of 2000+ transactions
    •  Retailer for top distributors and brands that would qualify to be sold at MOMA stores, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's
    • Consulted on initiating a Taobao store built to Level 6 - Diamond ONE store with 500+ positive reviews
    • Shopify store featured as Uber top San Francisco picks
      • UberRUSH partnership pilot
      • Facebook Store, Facebook Ad campaigns
      • Google Shopping API Google Shopping adwords campaigns
      • Scholarship for Shopify United partner developer conference 
  • Social Media - Blogging
    • Top ranked tech blog on Google (2016)
    • Google congratulations letter
    • Invited to Google social media studies 3 times (2016)
  • Tech strategy & Analytics
    • Author team - Deloitte CTO's Office white paper - Deloitte Tech Trend 2013
    • I named Augmented Reality as the trend of for 2013 enterprise technology. One year before Facebook acquired Oculus 
    • Non solicited recruitment invite from Google strategy and operations
    • Special invitee, scholarship to Google NEXT 2017 Google Cloud Conference
    • Scholarship to Twilio 2016
    • Business Technology Consultant at Deloitte, multiple awards
  • Startup
    • Assistant Growth at AirPair (YCombinator startup)
    • Customer at Codecademy (YCombinator education learn-to-code startup)
  • Entrepreneurship in Asia
    • General intern at Morrison Foerster law firm Tokyo Japan Office
    • Consulted on initiating a Taobao store, Alibaba store and build it to from zero to level Level 6 - Diamond ONE store with 500+ positive reviews. Also responsible for establishing their Official WeChat channel, strategies and get them WeChat Verified
    • Teaching Assistant at Entrepreneurship in Asia Seminar
  • Social Media - Youtube
    • 0 to 400,000 minutes watched, 0 to 1000 subscribers in one month (Feb 2017)
    • Youtube Partner
    • Paid Youtuber
    • Used Youtube Analytics to build channel
    • Youtube Creator Academy
  • Food Restaurant - Yelp
    • Yelp Elite 6 years GOLD
    • Advised Michelin starred restaurant's Yelp strategies
  • Stores
    • Invited to Louis Vuitton San Francisco travel guide, food guide launch event
  • Learn to Code - Hour of Code movement
    • A leader in the learn to code movement
    • Interviews featured on Fast Company and VentureBeat
    • Worked for
    • Taught Programming concepts 101 at Stanford Splash program for middle school and grade school students
  • Social Media stats
    • As of March 23, 2017
      • 835 follow me on twitter 45 of the accounts are verified
      • Following to Follower Ratio is 1:2 I have more followers!
      • @davemcclure 500 Startups, @women2, @optimizely @SeanEllis follow me on Twitter
      • Pinterest past 30 days-12 months average monthly viewer 85K, average monthly engaged 500, 2.39 million people saw my pins in 2016
      • Got an e-commerce store 118K monthly impressions for the last 28 days


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