Sunday, April 15, 2018

Steve Aoki Documentary - EDM Marketing and Brand Building on Steroids

Another Netflix gem to watch - I will sleep when I am dead. Tribeca Film Festival 2016 documentary depicts super successful Electronic Music sensation and brand Steve Aoki building his music empire from college dorms and bars of Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Ibiza, ultimately the entire world.

Did you know that Steve Aoki's dad was a famous racer, wrestler who founded Benihana!? It was mentioned in Wolves of Wall Street, fictionally. Rocky Aoki was not always around for his family but had tremendous impact on his children from two marriages.

The documentary focuses on Steve's incredible connection with his family, his need to prove himself to his father, a history of the EDM music growth and movement, and ultimately Steve emerging as his own brand running his concert like a spectacle show.

Highly recommend for all fans, young artists, creative professionals and any one who tries to get in the mind of millennials - who are crazy about Steve Aoki btw.

Steve Aoki I will sleep when I am dead

Steve Aoki also designed his own work out with music for Zumba. Check it out here:

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