Sunday, April 15, 2018

100 Reasons to choose Shopify as your e-commerce platform

Under construction. If you like what you read here: reach out to our in-house Shopify expert shopify partner, we can help get you started with Shopify in minutes.

  1. Start a business with Shopify start a business competition and get help from Shark Tank's Daymond John
  2. Use Shopify to deliver and sell more during and after a successful Kickstart campaign.
  3. Use Shopify to sell gaming merchandise. E.g. Alto's Journey Alto's Odyssey
  4. Shopify has built-in integration with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Houzz, Wanelo and more! Crazy, if you think about it! It's literally unheard of!! Email us to learn more for free
  5. Shopify has built-in database (not customizable yet but awesome and secure), report, blogging, so you don't have to install and config WordPress by yourself.
  6. Shopify already works well on mobile
  7. Shopify has a powerful and vibrant App Market including MailChimp
  8. Shopify has built-in abandon cart recovery features. Want to learn more email us for free advice. We will send you a great blog post.
  9. Great community: sellers forum, podcast for entrepreneurs and sellers
  10. Built-in basic yet powerful fraud detection. 
  11. Want to learn more? email us for free advice. We will send you a great blog post.
  12. Beautiful free themes with built-in search bar, for free!
  13. Adsense integration is possible. Yes, you can display Google ads! Email us to learn more for free. We will send you a useful blog post.
  14. Useful blog posts teaching the latest seller trends
  15. Integration with USPS, UPS shipping services, even DHL!
  16. Create discount code and discount code on the go - on mobile
  17. Detailed customer, sales, trend reports built-in with premium subscriptions
  18. Professional developer and designer community. Hirable through the Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert program. When in trouble, hire an expert. Additional API available for developers.
  19. Theme development framework for designers and developers. iOS app support.
  20. Shopify offers plugins for WordPress
  21. Even the economical subscription come with Kitcrm, an iMessage / SMS bot that can help you run your store. Amazing store assistant
  22. Can easily monitor with Google Analytics. Needs to be set up separately. Free from Google.
  23. Shopify Buy Buttons can be put on any website with or without an e-Commerce store. Even on a blog.
  24. Payment integration with Stripe and Amazon also Shopify payment. Amazon comes with Amazon login for free!
  25. Shopify key app - a keyboard shortcut for sharing your products via smart phones, in iMessage and SMS
  26. Tracks website and social referrals. Will even let you know if Reddit users shared your product.

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