Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Youtube Comments for Youtube Creators - Growth Hack School Youtube School

Tips for using Youtube Comments. Growth hacking, marketing for Youtube Creators.

How to drive better traffic using Youtube Comments? Here are some suggestions:

  • Pinning top comments, new updates
    • Link to newer versions of the video, address controversies, corrections, editing, make clarifications.
    • The pinned comment is the first one your reader will see. It's an important piece of digital real estate
    • Mention other helpful comments and contributions from fans
  • Create a sense of community by replying to thoughtful comments
    • Internet has plenty of distractions. If your visitors make an effort to comment, it's best if you return that favor by making relevant exchanges. You can make a fan feel valuable by address their frustration, heed their suggestion and make them feel involved by incorporating their suggestions in your next video and let them know!
  • Boost video relevance with interactions
    • Comments, likes, shares all help buoyant your video rank in Youtube. More relevant, clever, well received comments and replies mean more views.
    • Consider commenting a continuation of your content
  •  Definitely pay attention to the newest comment and top comment
    • There are two default filters available: organizing comments by newest first or most popular. It's important that you as the creator take care of these top ranked members of the "leaderboard", which will likely be viewed by your channel visitors.
  • Screen comments for content suggestions
    • FBE (formerly the Fine Brothers Entertainment) of the Kids React videos and other React channels will ask viewers to contribute to "what shall we react to next". Great brainstorming and idea generations happen right in the comment section. It's a creative way to make the users feel like a part of a community and generate brilliant ideas. Then they give the users a shoutout in the new video, giving thanks. 
  • Ask for engagement in the video
    • What's an effective call-to-action in a Youtube video? Literally ask the users to subscribe and comment as they are watching. Sometimes this gentle nudge is all it takes to boost interactions and relevance of your video.
    • Also see the FBE Fine Brothers asking for user contributions in the above section.

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