Sunday, January 21, 2018

Facebook Changes Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm to Favor Inter-Personal Connections

Big changes are coming to Facebook News Feed ranking algorithm. In its new message from Director of News Feed Product Management, Facebook announces that it's taking user feedback seriously and making changes to its Newsfeed ranking algorithm to favor person-to-person over person-to-page posts and contents. It's taking a step to back to its social network roots after a solid advertising run. But it is probably seeing less engagement and active usage on its site after all the promoted posts took over.

Facebook newsfeed ranking algorithm now favors interpersonal connections
Facebook further claims that this change is FRIENDS AND FAMILY FIRST approach. You can read the full release article and video here!
watch the product change announcement on facebook for ranking algorithm changes

facebook claims that this is a friends and family first change to its news feed ranking algorithm

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