Saturday, October 7, 2017

MailChimp for Advanced Users

  • MailChimp Snap allows you to take a picture of anything on your phone and quickly send to your subscribers. You can segment users on the go. It allows you to create effective campaigns anywhere with a snap on your cell phone. Featured on producthunt. See mailchimp snap on product hunt 
  • Can identify your subscribers who use Facebook using  Facebook Custom Audience. You can now run retargeting ads for those subscribers who are on Facebook using the Facebook Ad Manager.
  • Can generate Facebook Lookalike audience who are the same demographics as your subscribers
  • Do you sell online? eCommerce stores can leverage MailChimp ecommerce integrations.
  • MailChimp merge tag allows you to auto fill forms using your list database, example Dear |FNAME|, ... |CURRENT_YEAR| |DATE:|
  • Paid feature inbox preview allows you to test and preview emails in all the commonly used inboxes. 

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